Hi everyone,

Just having ran my first project on my Ben Franklin Gordon, I am wondering about oiling and lubrication.

I know this press isnt as common as a CP, but is very similar, I was wondering if you all could help me with

1. Identifying the parts needing oiling
2. What type of oil to use
3. How often to oil
4, Does every little hole in the parts indicate an oil port?
5. Warning sounds or signs of too much wear.

I know presses this old make a sort of clacking noise, as it moves, but want to make sure I am not ignoring anything. The press is very solid, however.

Any help would be most appreciated!

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1. All bearings and reciprocating shafts need lubrication - look for any enclosed or entrapped member which rotates or at least moves inside or along a bearing surface. There is probably an oiling hole at the top of the casting. Of there is no obvious oiling hole, try cleaning the area - it may be full of gunk. If it is full of gunk, clean it out. If there is no oil hole (like for a reciprocating shaft), oil the thing that moves.

2. I use a combination of 30W non-detergent oil, supplemented with a squirt of teflon lubricant.

3. Oiling each time you use the press is not too much - stop adding oil if the oil hole overflows.

4. If the hole is on top of a bearing, yes. If not, oil it anyway - what could it hurt?

5. Screeching or metal-on-metal sounds are not good. In general, thumps and clacks are OK, as long as they are not too loud.

An addendum to my previous post…
The Chandler & Price Oiling Chart makes no mention of grease…only oil. As I learned in my long-ago apprentice days, the crankshaft gear and the large gear and the cams inside are oiled only.