Adana 8 x 5 repair


I need to remove the bottom axle on my Adana 8 x 5 . Its the axle that the platen pivots on and has the gripper arms attached to each end.

I’ve removed all other parts from the body of the press except for the platen as I need to get this axle out first.
It seems to thread straight through the body of the press, but for the life of me I cannot get it to budge.

I’ve tried tapping with a rubber mallet but don’t want to hit too hard.

Has anyone else ever removed this axle, and if so have you got any tips? I’ve looked for help on google but to no avail.

Much appreciated!


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Still struggling with this stuck pivot :o(

Anybody have any experience at all in dismantling this press?



Hello, I have dismantled one of these but it was 1 that had been used as spares, had no inking arms and I just used it for creasing card, I then dismantled it and sold for spares. the shaft you are trying to get out came out quite easily but the previous owner may have freed it earlier, I seem to remember a collar with a grub screw in it having undone that it came out easily, just check this first, to see if it is undone. If it is and it still wont move I would begin by rubbing down the shaft with emery paper then applying penetrating oil either side of the main frame where you want to extract the shaft, then get a pair of mole grips and tighten as hard as you can on the shaft, try moving the shaft up and down to free it, if it does not move get a piece of wood place it on the mole grips and give a good wack with a heavy metal hammer forget your rubber one this calls for a bit more aggressive action, one good wack is what is needed not little taps, you have got to remember this has been seated in this frame for years and the seal needs to be broken so robust action is called for, having hopefully broken the seal put a piece of wood on the end of the shaft and knock it through, you could try knocking it back and forth first to get some lubrication in the hole making it easier to move, I hope this works if not try heating the shaft this has worked on motorbike bits I have had trouble with in the past, good luck, John.

Hi John,

Thanks very much for the reply.

I have indeed undone the grub screw already and the washer is moving freely.

I will try putting in abit more force, I just didn’t want to damage anything by whack it too hard.

I’ve also got some WD40 which I will spray on for a few days to see if it loosens it up.

Thanks again