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Congratulations! There are some ancillary things like your cabinet which make printing SO MUCH easier, quicker, and more satisfying. Enjoy!

I’ve quickly realized that the 10 or 20 pieces of assorted furniture I have are not nearly enough to prepare forms efficiently. How much should I expect to pay for a cabinet like this?

Thanks Geoffrey! Yes, I am sure you are very correct. I’m excited to see how much more efficient I’ll be. Before this cabinet, I just have various furniture in stacks and it would get frustrating to find the right size.

Enriquevw, I paid $140 for this. I’m really not too sure how much they go for though.

Aheser - what do you search when you go on craigslist? I have been looking for various things (furniture included) and when i search nothing ever comes up…..

Try Search Tempest and then start spending all your money! :-)

I just search under letterpress or printing press every day on Craigslist. And I Emthree is right, Search Tempest is great, but I get frustrated because I want to buy it all!