Duplex Paper

Any how-to documents on how to duplex sheets of paper?
Or any companies that could do this?

I’d like to duplex two sheets of French Paper Muscletone.


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You could use 3M Super 77 and diy. Or you can try to find someone with a Potdevin gluer and rotary press to do this. Some print shops have them, also poster mounting places.

Good luck!

Screen printing glue is also possible, but of course depends on your access to that process.

James Beard

Has anyone used 3M Super 77? I’m a bit skeptical.

James, I do have access to a screen printing press. What glue would you recommend?

Re: 77 - I used it on 80# Neenah Classic Columns a few years ago and the business cards are still holding. It is a messy way to go though.

make sure you put paper grains of each sheet at right angles.IE one sheet running vertical glued the other running horizontal.