C&P Old Style Parts

Had a bit of a distressing day on Thursday over at the local Polytechnic and a part which recently gave way on the C&P Old Style 10×15 gave way again (in a more dramatic fashion than previously) and the press is looking a little worse for wear. This is a donated machine which we use in the Letterpress class which I volunteer at, and if anyone can help us source some parts that would be amazing.

Also unrelated to the main problem, we need to source a replacement disc lever & roll (the pawl itself is okay), but happy to pay for the whole assembly if someone has one going spare.

Basically we’re looking for any leads on where to perhaps find parts (maybe another person has had something similar happen and has a press they’re selling for parts?) to repair this excellent machine.

Pics of problems:



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I can supply you with the left hand roller frame however, in the second photo the broken part is part of the side frame. Replacing the side frame is the same as tearing the entire press down. I’m afraid you have a parts press now. I can not imagine what would cause these breaks.