Re: Heidelberg Platen Love

I have a lot of affection for my Heidelberg Platen but I have noticed some people take it much further than I do.

I thought this might amuse…

It’s a bit like having your girlfriends name on your arm, what happens when your affections go elsewhere?

What happens when a C&P catches your eye or you fall for a Vandercook at the office party?

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he could’ve made it a little bigger… so my guess is that when Charlotte the office Vandercook agrees to a polygamist life style, she’ll be inked up on the side.

Makes one wonder where the tattoo of his setting stick is does it not !!!!

Yeah, that person has nothing on me.

I have my C&P 10X15 and an R Hoe and co flatbed stone-litho proofing press on my back.

I think it doesn’t matter if his affection goes elsewhere, as long as his new press never sees it. :)
It’s a very cool tattoo nevertheless.
I would consider getting a Vandercook on my arm.