13 x 19” Chase - Need help identifying…

Inside measurements are 13” x 19”. Outside measurements are 15 1/8” x 21 3/8”. There are no identifiable markings on the chase itself. Can anyone tell me what press this is for?

image: 13x19chase1.jpg


image: 13x19chase2.jpg


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my guess is a kluge…

I’d guess Colt’s Armory, which came in a 13x19 format.

my kluge is a 12x18, but i have a steel chase that came with it that is 13x19.

Is that 13x19 Kluge chase a skeleton chase? Does it have the same thickness as the chase above?
Platens are usually sized by their inside chase dimensions, but thinner skeleton chases were optional on many presses.

I would think its a skeleton chase, it looks like the one above.