Matrix and matrix case inquiry…

I am interested in knowing the dimension(s) of matrix cases, such as the one shown in attached photo, and where a used case might be purchased. I see some cases referred to and 15 X 15, but I am not sure there that indicates the inside dimension and whether the units are in inches.

I am also interested in purchasing large used matrixes, probably 48 pt and/or 72 pt, to fit above mentioned case. Matrixes need not be of value for making type.

Please advise.
Ron Brown, Architect

image: Matrixcase-bembo-24pts-small.jpg


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Is it the point size that you are referring to because the monotype component you have there doesnt equate to 15 cm or 15” so i would think looking at the size of the mats in that frame are 15pt but i will ask a mate that ran them in a while . I am not sure you can get 48pt in this frame i think you go down the route for supercaster atttachments at these large sizes as the quantity of lead has to cool or the amount of lead able to be injected per piston stroke ,i am not 100% certain i dont know much about casting but when i get hold of him i will put you up an answer .

That looks like like 16 x 17 mat case for a later model montotype caster, that layout is custom to someone’s need.

The standard case is 15 x 15 for most of the casters, 15x17 was last production year in Great Britain. They can go to 16 points with proper attachment on the caster, 18 is pushing as the caster is not slow enough to let the mould cool down. 18 to 72 pt is cast on a super caster, which instead of a composition caster working from a perforated tape and casting completed pages, the supercaster (US: Giant caster) casts an individuel letter until mat is changed.

They pop up on ebay in USsA and internationally, they can also be purchased from

The case in the photo won’t take the larger type sizes you are after - it is a Composition Caster case which takes up to 14point. Its not clear where you are at: be aware that US Monotype cases and mats are different to the UK models and do not exchange.

There are large compostion mats as high as 24 point, but very few faces went that large. British Monotype’s Centaur is one, so if money is no object you can have new composition mats made at Monotype.

We have just located one of the gadgets for a brit monotype caster that allows you to cast one mat at a time ,not display mould but the small mats that are usually set in a similar frame to that shown . I have to find which one of us owns it and wether we will ever get into casting again ( i am all for doing this but it is not my decision as the others are getting on in years and to be honest nearly dead )

Contact Sky Shipley at the Skyline Type Foundry (see the Yellow Pages here).

He may have just what ypu are looking for. It is hard to know what specific end-use you are lookingt for, so be prepared to have a much better explanation of what you are looking for size-wise, etc.