C&P vs a Golding Jobber?

I’ve been looking to purchase a C&P locally for a few weeks and stumbled upon an add for a Golding Jobber that seems pretty temping, but I’ve never used this press before. Can anyone let me know of the major differences between the two type sof presses? I’ve attached an image of the press that is for sale.

Thanks for all of your help!

image: 5I25Ha5M33Mf3F63J6c19c1ba94013eb919a8.jpeg


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Goldings are very good presses - equivalent to C&Ps in construction and function, and many people believe superior in design.

Thanks Bill! Now what about parts. I’ve already got a deep relief base, will that work with the Golding?

I’ve always been a c&p guy, i never liked goldings because they don’t open as wide as a c&p, i’ve had a few c&p’s over the last 50 years and have been very happy with them, but recently someone gave me a wakeup call (right John) i now have a golding, although i have just got it in my shop and need to give it quite a bit of cleaning before i print on it, it sure seems better made than the c&p’s, i can’t wait to print on it.

Additionally, is $500 for this press as good of a deal as it seems?

It’s not clear what size the Golding is, but they are very strong presses in general. Be sure you get at least one, preferably two, chases. 500 dollars seems a very fair price if it is a 10x15 as it appears in the photo and is in good condition. It is a heavy press and harder to dismantle into small light pieces that the C&P for moving — the main frame is one piece and the platen is difficult to remove and reinstall. But I think you would be happy with it. No problem to lock up a deep relief base in the chase.

I hope it’s in an easily accessible location, no stairs, perhaps even a loading dock for a rental truck. If you need to lift it up a forklift from above or a tow truck would be the best bet.


If you need parts, John Falstrom is the go-to guy for Goldings. There is a Golding email list too, and $500 is a good price, even if you had to buy new rollers.