Here is a picture of the logo stamped on my larger lead blocks believe they are 3/4 in size..any info will help .. trying to sell..thanks anyone care to talk or txt can 1-585-880-7130 matt
email .. [email protected]

image: P1160011-001.JPG


image: P1160012-002.JPG


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72 point Cheltenham type cast by Empire typefoundry of NY.
It is apparently an incomplete font and only of use to someone owning the same typeface as cast by the same foundry; otherwise it is scrap typemetal.


—I can’t predict when I might need
a short word to punch up a poster.

—These can also be used as initial
(aka “start”) letters—l/c letters, too.

—You may still run across another
stash of 72 pt Empire Chelty type.

I can’t recall… what level of Hell is
reserved for type-tossers?


I have type in beautiful condition but missing the upper case B and some with no lower case V but i would not bin it or scrap it as it can be used for any job that dont need the odd letters i dont have . I would dearly love to find the fillers and maybe i will see a grateful lead licker that would appreciate the rest i have or i will find it and aquire in time for myself ! I even have a whole drawer of little packages that are insufficient for most jobs but if you print business cards you may only need one word !
In fact i know there is a whole founders pack of Rockwell Light in 10pt here and all the upper T has been cast too low on the body its Riscatype foundry and i think they are long gone but someone will put up a request for some eventually and theres a surprise for someone as this has never been out of its box !

I have to agree with Calvert and Peter, Parallel. A creative printer could come up with all sorts of designs that would incorporate only the characters shown, especially since they’re so large.

I’ve often hoped that some internet-savvy person would establish a web page where printers could post what they have and what they need in the way of fonts, partial fonts, or individual sorts. Someone on Letpress tried to do something like this, but it was email-based which is just unworkable. I dream of a searchable site where you could put in the face, size, and foundry, and voila, there’s someone who has just the B Peter is missing!


Thanks for all the great responses more pictures coming soon….. I would much rather sell cheap as a huge lot rather than scrap….most of you seem very pasionate and others not so….. thanks again Matt