Emerson Typeface

Is Emerson typeface being made by a foundry today?

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Do you mean Emerson, a 1909 face by Keystone, the matrices for which McGrew indicates did not survive their merger into ATF?

Or Emerson, called Spiral when cut by Bauer in 1930 and renamed Emerson when recut by English Monotype in 1935 as series 320 (Roman and Italic)?

Presuming the latter, it is listed in the matrix holdings of Offizin Parnassia in composition and display sizes 8 - 24 pt. See:


Swamp Press, M&H, and Skyline do not list it.

David M.

list of currently active typefoundries:

Grey Zeitz uses Emerson at Larkspur Press.
Perhaps he knows of a current source.


At The Arm we have cases of 10 pt with matching italic and small caps. Ours is definitely Monotype.

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

Dave Wolfe at Wolfe Editions in Portland, Maine has the monotype matrices for 14pt roman and italic. He may have other sizes as well.

If you were after display sizes, we may be able to hire the mats to cast some for you.