Windmill noise


I’m getting a strange noise when running my windmill. It appears to be coming from the ink train. Everything is oiled and there appears to be no obstructions causing the noise. It almost sounds like something is worn in the oscillation mechanism on the big drum. Is this adjustable? I couldn’t find anything in the manuals that seems to help.

Here is a video:

As a note, the press has always made this noise in the three years I have had it. Now that I am doing longer runs I am becoming more worried about it.

Thank you for your time and help!

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Sounds nearly like mine, yours is a little bit shorter and louder but definitly the same, if you know what I mean.

Looking forward to peoples suggestions, sorry I’m no help.

I had a similar issue. I took all the rollers off and ran the machine. Added each roller one at a time and found I had a bad bearing on one of the form rollers. Hope this helps.

Some Tiegel (Windmills) make noise (coming from within the ink drum), some don’t.

one of my windmills makes a lot of noise only when i oil it, sounds like there’s a bear stuck in the ink train., the noise goes away after a few minutes.

Oil the gear on the left of the large oscillating roller with a thick non throwing oil chainsaw oil in my use , try to get some oil or grease to the worm in the roller itself its these that make the racket
replacing parts is a bit of a pain but rarely necessary its just the machines voice some are loud some are not .!
They get noisey because washing up dries that gear out so it wears and becomes noisey . Bear in mind its taken fifty plus years to get to the state it is .

Yeah mine sounds exactly like that as well.

Other than being irritating, I don’t think this is too bad. I have been told by two different Heidelberg mechanics that this isn’t a real threat. I have four windmills; one makes this sound and the other three don’t. I have been running my noisy one daily for 16 years without any problems at all. It hasn’t gotten any worse.