Rollers No1 Cropperette

I have a No1 Cropperette (H.S. Cropper & Co. Great Alfred Street Nottingham) Any information on Where to buy rollers please and size (UK if possible)

Also any additional information on “runners” or other items that are needed for inking.

An illustration would be fantastic!!

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I have just restored an 1890 Peerless press made by Cropper and Charlton, I had runners and cores made in America by John Falstrom who did a lovely job and whose details I can give you and then got them covered by Elli Evans in Milton Keynes >

I think its highly unlikely you will find rollers off the shelf so you will probably have to go down the same path that I did.


Well that information is “Gold Dust” thank you!!

I would like the John Falstrom address very much.

I saw the Elli Evans link on Briar.

Could I be “forward” and ask an approximate price for this type of work?

Many Thanks for your help


Nick Birchall

i think John is in the yellow pages on this site.

Sent you an email with more details Nick.