Roller for Cropperette press

No1 Cropperette by H.S Cropper
Treadle operated “clam Shell” platen press.

Is it possible to give me dimensions of the rollers OR
Illustrations/photographs of the 3 rollers on that type of press?

I can hand ink for a while…. but rollers would be brilliant!

Nick Birchall

image: Cropperetterollers.jpg


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Isn’t that just the top half? do you have the legs and treadle as well? its very similar to my Peerless….some pics here….

If you’re not worried about exact replicas of the original rollers, measure the outside to outside of a set of roller hooks, across the press — that’s your core length, plus maybe half an inch. Measure the gap inside the roller hooks at the narrowest point — that is your core diameter. Measure the center to center distance between the two roller hooks on one side that are closest together, subtract about 1/8 inch, and that’s the largest practical diameter for your rollers, and the trucks should be the same diameter. Measure the diameter of your ink disc, and that would be the length of the rubber centered on the cores. It’s probably pretty close to the manufacturer’s specs. I like to use machined drill rod for cores because it’s accurately made and strong. You can usually get it at a machinist’s supply or a machine shop.