ebay: Sigwalt Chicago #10 Press: emboss, die cut,print?

Original beauty new roller set up & ready to print!”

That’s the heading on a current listing on ebay. They’ve gotten 10 bids up to $223.50. The chase size on this little guy is about 3-3/4 x 2-1/2.


Imagine embossing a small logo on a business card on some heavy duty Cranes whatever!
How’s about die-cutting a door hanger?
Perhaps with some ingenuity I could crash number a 3-part carbonless form on the upper right corner.
How about printing a business card…or…just imprinting a salesman’s name and phone number? Where do you put the gauge pins on a mini platen?

Phineas Taylor (P. T.) Barnum, 1810-1891, lives on!

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Stan you are always complaining and misleading people. That press can do all of that. No, it’s not a 40 inch letter press. Look at this post http://www.briarpress.org/27288 That was you ranting and raving about a similar press only a kelsey. Ask dickg about the quality of what is capable off a small table top press if you don’t believe me.

@GwaK - this press was not designed for that sort of pressure - cast iron is fragile, and if stressed, can break. Sure you can get quality printing on small stuff if you are exacting and fastidious, but die cutting and de-bossing can be harmful to it’s health.

I use .918 for type or steel cut rule. They don’t harm the press. Neither will embossing or debossing. You toggle the press over…no problem. The lineal inches is all that matters for size. Just remember potato’s are fragile too, but you can still print with them.

GWAK..No, I’m not always complaining nor misleading people. The people doing the misleading are the people that claim this little toy (this isn’t a Kelsey. its chase size is about 1/2 that of a 3x5 Kelsey.)
My ranting and raving on that Kelsey was the final bid of $1225.00.
Yes, you and I and dickg and Bill Whitley can probably do repro quality prints on a Nolan proof press, but what about the unsuspecting buyer who doesn’t know poop about letterpress buys this 3x5 Kelsey or the Chicagoi Sigwalt tht is up for bids now and plans to print, die-cut, emboss, score his life-long ambition of printing his Christmas card or whatever?
What a disappointment for him! My purpose of sitting at this computer is not to berate any person, any piece of printing equipment. My humble purpose is to share my knowledge that I’ve acquired over the last seventy years, having started as a kid in World War II learning to hand-set (and distribute) Chelt and Caslon. Also a great accomplishment was standing on a skid feeding an 8x12 Golding. (And I still have all my fingers!)
So. GWAK and others…if I seem to sound misleading, complaining, and ranting and raving, I’m sorry but I don’t mean to berate and or sound like any of the aformentioned.
And the last thing I would want to do is mislead people, I’ll leave that for the ebayers!
I guess that’s ‘nuff said!

Stan’s first letterpress experience was a few years before WWII….shortly after birth. First with the left foot, then the right.
The nurse proclaimed “Yup, he’s a natural born printer”.

Those same feet now have found their way into Orthopedic shoes on occasion.

He’s my buddy…I can say stuff like that…LOL.

I do think that some attempt to oversell the true capabilities of a lot of things like this. What’s wrong with allowing the prospective buyer to determine what something is or is not capable of…to a certain degree?
Yes it will die cut…but…
Nobody in their right mind would attempt to die cut with a Sigwalt # 10, and personally I would never suggest it… There are better tools for that, and most likely it would be used as a conversation piece on display to the reasonable person.
“Why it’ll cure your asthma too.” (channeling Zappa).

I guess i’ll have to loan you my orthopaedic shoes, as I was born at home (no nurse). And delivered by the Mayor also MD., in the small town of Hamtramck, MI, on May 17, 1935. In the bedroom was a Kelsey Jr. Press, Kelsey square cases.along with a couple of tubes of ink. So, I guess for that reason I can claim a lifelong association with the printing trade! Still have that cute little press!

Is it true it is not the best press?
It has always been my number one selling roller.
I still hold the record on E-bay for 1420.00 on a number 11
True your not going to start a printing company with one
but they are fun to mess around with on a Sunday afternoon.
I say smaller the better.

image: smaller2.jpg


Sweet collection you’ve got there.

I have a Baltimore No.11 that I’m restoring, nice little project for when I have the time. Paid $67 including shipping.

Not sure exactly what I’m using it for once its done, but if nothing else it’ll be something to play around with on a sunday.


Without opening a can of worms, I would like to be my pleasant, jovial self and without complaining and misleading people, nor in any way ranting and raving, (after all that could be rough on an old man’s heart), I would like to inform you folks that the above-mentioned press got 15 bids to the the winning bid of $525.00, which I believe was the reserve price.
I should have thought of Dad’s words and let someone else do the complaining, misleading, ranting and raving.
Oh, I almost forgot Dad’s words…
“Never have a battle of wits with an unarmed person!”
Again, ‘nuf said….

open that can of worms, rant and rave, don’t worry about that old heart you are a printer you have a heart of stone.i really enjoy your posts, keep posting.

Thanks for allowing me to rant and rave, but can I also complain and mislead people without having to put on my orthopaedic shoes and standing corrected??

What’s with the pimpled inkdisc?

The little Maryland has a broken ink disk. It has been on my list to fix, I did make a roller for it. chase is 1.75 x 2.75
I take them all in even the misfits.