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Put some spray adhesive on the rails and try that. The rider roller really increased the tendency of the impression rollers to skid at the bottom of the platen and then not really get rolling until they hit the type form. Alternately, really clean the trucks and put a layer of some friction (electrical?) tape around them and make sure the rails are really clean.

The rider roller is a bear, but it’s worth it!

The spray adhesive should come off with acetone (fingernail polish remover).

I’d suggest chalk or rosin. You just need more traction!


Dan is on the money. We clean the trucks and rails with alcohol and then use a powdered rosin bag that you can buy for a few bucks at a sporting goods store.

As referred above degrease the bearers (trucks n rails) if you are still struggling check the rollers are exactly the same diameter , i have sprayed them with 3M spray mount before to get the bearers to grip . not ideal but what works gets you out of the hole ! Do you have swollen ends on the rollers ? This does not occur evenly end to end nor around sometimes so its worth asking .
Are the bearers even left to right (rails) ,if you are heavy on one side the rollers wont behave properly either.