John Grim

Does anyone know a fellow named John Grim and his friend Paige Quast from Highland Hills, New Jersey?

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Yeah, I’ve bought some stuff from him over the past years. Picked it up at his place personally. Seems like a nice guy. Used to work for a printer not too long ago.

Indeed, I had a good transaction with him a while back, it was a pickup transaction- I bought some wood type and a few other things. Nice guy, affable, and fair. I hope he’s doing well?

Mailed a cheque for 50 which got cashed, never received the parts he sold me.

Sorry to hear that. Hopefully it’s a misunderstanding, he seemed like a nice guy and I’d hate to see another out of control thread bashing. I know was on here occasionally, as well, posting things for sale.

I don’t want this to become a tar and feathering of a Briar member either Haven. Are there any members that live near Highlands, NJ ? If so please contact me. Thanks, Girl

He’s a decent guy. He taught me how to run my Windmill last year and I’ve bought stuff from him in the past. I did it in person, though, not via mail.

I bought some keys from him. There was a mix up and he shipped them to the wrong person. I finally received them. I thought they were a fair price.