Printer’s visors of old

Hey yall.Here with a quirky question.What became of the green plastic-rimmed visors you see in old photos of pressmen?I’ve been looking for one for some time and can’t seem to locate a specimen.I recall some printers who still wore them in the 70s.Any ideas where to find one?Any idea when they first came to be used?Other lore?Thanks!Blaine

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I believe they were also used by bank cashiers and accountants, its purpose was to deflect the light, and thus making the sight less tired in the long run.
Sometimes they pop-up on e-bay.

There are some available here:

This looks more like the old style ones, but still not a leather band.


Visors sometimes used by tennis-players, decades ago; some lawn-bowlers (especially ladies), more recently?


Thank you all.I hadn’t thought abt the gamers wearing them too,but of course!