Pawl for Ratchet Wheel

Hi Everyone, It seems the pawl for the ratchet wheel on my press has worn down and now the feed table is not lifting. Any tips on how I might be able to either fix it? Or should I just start trying to source a new part? Thanks

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i have run a long time with a rubber band from that part down to hold it tighter.

You can source new from your whittenberg people if this is a heidelberg or you can have the old one built up with a welder and grind back to standard ,i do it all the time and will die waiting for complaints.

Hi Dickg, are you able to show me a picture of where you run the rubber band? It is around the pawl and then down to the crank and handle?

Hi Peter, yes it is a Heidelberg Windmill. I am happy to try the weld option first. Only thing is how do I work out what standard is? I have a parts list, but the image does not really clearly show what I need.

Thanks for your reply guys.

These pawls are easy you can see what has worn away once you hold it in front of you , the point wears off .
I just run along the edge where the point should be with a 1.5mm stick and grind it back to a point , there is no need to build a big lump onto the end like some sort of club ,just enough that you can get around 1/16 of metal back where the wedge tip has worn off .You will only have to follow the line of the wedge shape to see what is missing and follow that same visual line when you grind the tip back.
The rubber band usually gets you out of trouble for years , i used to fix one to the pawl let it hang down with a 72ptquad hanging on it !
Dont worry if the weld has a few inclusions and rough bits it doesnt require to be strong really ,just hard ,dont quench it after welding let it cool slowly .
Its a good cost cutter .

Thanks guys, the rubber band trick has worked a treat!