Type height for Heidelberg Windmill

I’m in the UK. I have a 1964 10x15 T-platen, I bought it from Belgium, all it’s signage and info plates are in French. From all I’ve read I understand that type height for this is likely 0.928inch or 23.57mm.

Assuming this is correct, can anyone advise:
1 How I can take this measurement from my press?
2 What difference this makes to the press - which parts are different?

I looked at the parts book and can’t see different parts listed for a European model which my be significant.
I got a roller height gauge which came with the press, this has 23,6mm stamped on it. However, I realise this could have come from anywhere and not be part of the original equipment with the press. That’s why I want to take my own measurements - and know their significance.

I asked someone in the UK who’s been rebuilding and selling platens for years and he told me there’s no difference between the models made for British/US market and European. But I guess that can’t be right. Can it?

If anyone can shed any light on this, I’d appreciate it.

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Because they have adjustable bed bearers (rails ) you could print either height on the heidelberg platen ,its another one of its forgotten talents ! you pack the platen to a different height if you are printing higher than 918.
Your gauge is for the european size928 23.56

Thanks Peter.
So, accordingly any difference in type height can be taken up by adjusting the rails and the impression strength on the press. Does this, therefore, mean I can use a regular .918 base/polymer plate combination and ignore this technicality of a European press? In fact does this mean there is NO difference in the UK/US press and a European one?

There’s only .010” difference. You can compensate such a small amount by bearer and impression adjustment, maybe some packing.
If it were a cylinder press, you’d have to do a .010” underlay, because there the cylinder press bed bearers are a different height, with no adjustment.