Kelsey 9x13 broken in shipping … help

I purchased a Kelsey 9x13 on ebay and it recently arrived, with a very significant break. The arm on the left side broke off! The press was crated, but not insured. I am wondering if anyone has had any luck with something similar to this and getting a metal worker to weld it? I am worried that this may affect the movement and pressure/tension on that side of the rollers, making printing evenly virtually impossible … Thanks for any suggestions.

image: Broken Kelsey 1.jpg

Broken Kelsey 1.jpg

image: Broken Kelsey 2.jpg

Broken Kelsey 2.jpg

image: Broken Kelsey 3.jpg

Broken Kelsey 3.jpg

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I can only imagine how your heart sunk when you opened the crate. I really sympathize with you.
It can be fixed but you’ll need to find a local welder who is experienced with brazing cast iron.

I wouldn’t worry too much about the pressure/tension of the rollers on that side after the repair; the springs and rods shouldn’t even notice as long as the repair is reasonably well done.

Good luck.
Just ask around for someone who can do brazing on cast iron.

Indeed that must have been pretty disheartening. Was this the eBay 9x13 in Alaska? I only remember because one doesn’t see 9x13’s all that often.

There’s a post near the top of the board in which a tabletop repair is discussed quite a bit. Here’s a link:

Also, a post I started somewhat recently on a related (and ongoing) issue:

Finally, where are you located? You might get lucky and find that you’re near someone who knows the right welder for the job.

Thanks for the positive comments! Yes, it was the one in alaska, the selling is going to help me with the cost of the repair.
I do know of a metal worker in town so I am going to call him today and see what he says. I’m in Idaho.