Can someone with a vandercook 3 please send me measurements

Can someone with a vandercook 3 please send me dimensions of the press WITHOUT the feed board? I need these measurements to determine if the press can fit around an obstacle during an upcoming delivery. The catalog lists the ‘floorspace’ dimension at 6’ 6” long (not sure if this includes feed board and if not I need said dimension).

Thank you

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You might want to ask this person

Never hurts to check previous posts or the archives. Bit of a bother but if you really want to know.

I do not have one of these pressess but, this is from a specification manual

image: SAM_0084-400x400.jpg


John & Liz:

The information you posted is for a Vandercook Universal rather than a Model 3. The model 3 is an older model produced by Vandercook.

While I can’t tell you for certain what the press measures without the feedboard, I think you can assume that the floor space listed in the catalog does include the feedboard. You could probably count on the press being at least a foot shorter (probably closer to 24”) but if the space is really tight, better hold out for an answer from someone who actually can measure one for you.


Someone sent me the dimension as being 55” long by 21 1/2”.

A bare 3 would be slightly shorter than the 4, since there is no motor assembly bolted onto the back.
Check and Vanderblog, whose owner Paul Moxon is very familiar with the 3.

got the answers I needed. thanks for the help.