Narrow prints on proof press

How it is possible to keep a thin piece of paper in register as it prints if the sheet is only grabbed by one of the grippers and one of the paper guides?
I’m printing on a Challenge 15MP and it only has 2 grippers and 2 paper guides on the cylinder.
I’m trying to print a sheet about 3.5 inches wide

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I’d print it on a wider sheet. What is the spacing of grippers and guides on this press? Would a 7” width hit all?
If so, printed two-up, you could do it work-and-whirl, that is to position form off-center, print one half, then rotate the sheet 180 degrees so the tail becomes the head. Just one set up of form and guides.
Three-up would certainly be under control. Print the form so it is in position on the far third, then shift the form 3.5 inches closer and print, then repeat in the near third. By moving the form you keep the same guides.
With only one gripper, no matter how carefully you position the sheet and feed, fish-tailing is a possibilty.

Hello danielheff,

I’ve never done this so I’m just opening up the idea for discussion. If your paper is precut, you might try adhering it to your topsheet with some light-tack double-sided tape, placed where it won’t receive any pressure from your form. You wouldn’t need much. I use a Mylar topsheet and do this all the time when I have printing very close to the bottom of my sheet, to keep the sheet on the impression cylinder all the way around.

I’ve thought about this because I’ve kept cutoffs around with the thought of “someday” making bookmarks. I’m such a paper miser!