Steam Pulley Wheel and Ink DisK for 10x15 C&P NS Needed

Just got my press and found the pulley wheel was cracked and no longer usable. The original motor is mounted directly to the frame of the press and needs to run on the steam pulley side. I’ve currently jury-rigged another motor on the flywheel side but would love to run it on the original side because it takes up a much smaller footprint in an already cramped garage. If someone has one lying around or aren’t using it on their press and willing part with it, please message me.

Also, the press was retrofitted for diecutting and the ink disk was removed two previous owners ago and the person I got it from did not have the ink disk. I’m looking for the ink disk and the mounting bolt/bearings(?) for it.

I’m willing pay for shipping from Canada/US. Please send me your offer and location, thanks!

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