Perforation of 220lb or 600gsm stock with Windmill

Hi there,

We have yet to perforate on our Heidelberg Windmill and need your advice!

A client wants postcards printed on 220lb duplex lettra (or 600gsm as we know it in Aus!) with a perforated section to tear off. We are unsure how this stock will perf and more to the point, whether it will tear nicely once perforated.

Has anyone had issues with perforating stock this thick??

Unfortunately we only have access to our press on the weekends so we can’t try it out for a few more days. I’d love to give my client an answer by the weekend if possible! Any knowledge/advice would be much appreciated.


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Claire, I do alot of cutting and creasing with my windmill and sometimes perforation, I have been able to perforate stock as thick as 30 thousands, to get a nice perforation and have it tear nicely you should try a piece of steel rule with a spacing of 1/32 by 1/32.

I think you could perf the lettra, you will just need to try some different perf rules to see which works best 12 tooth is a good starting point. 17 tooth (per inch) would probably work better or even micro perf. Be careful running #220 lettra on your windmill because it will want to grab doubles or triples. If you are printing #220 lettra with deep impression and have your impression knob on 2 or more and pull triples you could damage the shear collar. That is why I use a handfeed C&P for that particular paper.

I am with Girl with a Kluge….I would say 12-17-or 18 tooth perf….Micro may actually want to cut the stock more than actually perf it though.

You guys are so great, thank you for your answers! We’ll be doing some testing as soon as we can get our hands on some rule & ejection rubber. Hopefully early next week.

Thanks again! Much appreciated..