Letterpress Kickstarter project

I’m a Kansas City author who has teamed up with a KC printmaker and artist to turn one of my works into a print book using his letterpress. If successful, we will also use a local bindery which has been in business since 1885. I thought the promo video would be of interest to this group. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/625805028/letterpress-printed-book

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Thanks for posting here, Randy. Always happy to support young people operating old machines. :-)

Good luck!


Good going, Randy!

Both Nick Naughton & Eric Lindquist
at La Cucaracha Press do exceptional work.
I’ve always liked Nick’s fine illustrations
& you just can’t beat their
high-standards of print craftsmanship.

This is going to be a volume well worth
reading & having in your library.

Best of luck with the Kickstarter.

KC Center for the Ink & Paper Arts

“I don’t want to do a letterpress project because I’ve rejected the digital age. After all, I’ve got 14 works and more to come, digitally published. But We should never lose sight of our publishing roots. The aesthetic of a book printed via letterpress is unmatched. The tactile quality of the pages, and the look of the type on the page.”

I appreciate this sentiment. Good luck with your project.

Thanks all for the well wishes. Working hard at social networking publicizing the project. We’re nearing the $1000 donor level with most donors at the $100 commitment. But a long way to go.