Hot Foil Stamping?

Hi Everybody!

I have been tinkering with the idea of starting foil stamping, but really know nothing about it. I have seen some machines on ebay for around $300 but do not know if these deliver what I am looking for or not. I am wanting there to be an impression and the foil. I print with an 8x12 C&P NS. Is there some sort of attachment for the press, or it’s separate? If it’s just it’s own thing, is it as quick of a process as letterpress (i.e. just a moment or so per pass), or is it more like screen printing where it takes a minute to set up and such?

Any help would be appreciated. I think it would make for a fun addition to my repertoire. I keep getting clients asking for metallic ink, and some aren’t fond of my ” metallic letterpress ink on cotton paper is more of just a hint of a shimmer….” :)

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I have a Kwikprint 55, it takes a few minutes to heat up, but works great once I dial in the heat for the foil I’m using.

I wouldn’t waste energy on the cheap, chinese machines you see on ebay, wait for a Kwikprint or similar to come up at a good price. I believe I paid 350 incl. shipping for mine. I then bought a huge lot of foils as well, I’ve got enough gold and silver to last me a lifetime. =)

if you plan on foil stamping you will need to get mag or copper dies, heating your type for foil stamping will wear out your type very fast. i use ludlow type for short runs, you only get between 50 and 200 impressions before the type is flattened. there are many different foil machines out there, i have a few franklin table tops that good but are limited to just a few lines, picked up a foiling unit for a 5x8 kelsey, didn’t know kelsey even made one, it does a very good job. years ago you could buy foiling units for different presses, i bought a gold boss unit for my windmill back in the 1980s, it was around $5,000. i have seen units on the c&ps but don’t know where you could get one today.

You can check out youtube for a sampling of how Foil Stamping is done. Someone, I am sure has made a video. For me, it is better to see it being done.

Thanks everybody. Good tip on the youtube, I will do that.

Kluge has a few videos on foiling.

You might try bronzing if foiling is to much of an investment. Shiny results and simple to do. Bronzing is not as durable as foiling but for invites and other social items it should fine with customer approval.
You can purchase bronzing powder at craft or art stores or large quanties at sign painter supply houses. At sign suppliers it runs around $40 per lb, and a little goes a long way.
Bronzing is easy to do, just sprinkle the powder over wet ink, shake off the extra and set aside to dry. The color of the powder will cover the color of the base ink.

Does anyone knows about Gold Boss foil stamp? I want to know how to change temperature range on +/- digital on control box. And where to get rubber between rollers for foil puller.

I have all sets of Liepelt and Son Inc. calls Gold Boss. It fit on 10 x 15 Heidelberg windmill press. The only thing is thermo won’t increase heat it stopped 126 degrees but it may be repair. I quit gold stamping because of my age. Only used once. I am selling this unit.


Bronzing is mentioned above as an alternative, but without any caution whatsoever as to how many precautions should be involved to ensure that you do not inhale any of the powder. A fairly tricky procedure. My bronzing powders are all well over 60 years old and are so fine they literally become airborne with even the slightest air movement.