Linotype lead Foil Stamping

Has anyone foil stamped with strips of Linotype lead? I know it will not last very long but just curious what temp you heat it up to?

Is there a general starting temp to use? Is there a range lets say between _x_x_x__degree and _x_x_x__degree is best?

I would guess different papers require different temps I just don’t know what is too cold or too hot…..I definitely don’t want to burn up the heat plate….if that is even possible.


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I do a little foil stamping using either linotype of Ludlow slugs, I try not to heat it up more than 220, I usually only get 100 copies before the type is junk.

Several greeting card companies regularly use line casters for their foil imprinting of cards. If a long run, cast more than one slug of each line. This is still commonly done.

Thank you for the info, I appreciate your replies!