PMS 7712 formula

Does anybody have the formula for pms 7712U.
My books only go to 7500’s and I don’t have time to order new ones.
Many thanks

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Process Blue: 68.38
Yellow 012: 5.38
Rubine Red: 5.14
Trans. White: 21.10

This is from the coated chart, but I think the mixes are the same regardless of coating.

Thanks, you are awesome.

Beat me to it. Yes, the ink mix is the same coated or uncoated (or matte, or whatever). There’s no difference between them on any PMS color except that some process RIPs will alter the CMYK mix to desaturate the color if you have an uncoated PMS swatch set in a digital print file to better match what the color would look like offset printed on an uncoated stock. Also, some layout software will desaturate the swatch on screen (depending on your color settings) again to better represent what the ink would look like on uncoated stock. But these are just visual fakery. The actual PMS color of the ink itself is exactly the same no matter what paper type the swatch book is.

Wow! 7700!#@? My book only goes to 5875. From what I remember, these books are not cheap!

Mine goes only to 7547 dennis so dont feel you are that out of date , some of the books are different than standard ,hexachrome colours and those from cmyk all come different than the books we are used to and indeed there are some books with only 30 or so pages that have cranky numbers , to be honest what real need is there for such huge variations of shade of yellow for instance ?
Its nonsence in my opinion , a bit like paper , show me a sheet of white paper and i will find some that is whiter still and along comes joe with one even whiter than that !!
Yes your memory is correct they are pretty expensive too but as soon as you update they are working on the next updated book , i swear the ink manufacturer makes more money from the books than they do the ink because the graphic designers like to have them , when i was training litho i was told never let the customer see a swatch and never let them see chromalin proofs ,always in the hope that you wouldnt have to print some ridiculously light shade that took twenty wash ups to achieve !!