Challenge 26” Guillotine, blade stop/safety?

Does anyone know if this guillotine had either a blade stop/safety on it? In the last picture, I highlighted a pin that look like something but its too far below the blade to do anything.

Thanks in Advance


image: IMG8380.jpg


image: IMG8418.jpg


image: Highlight.jpg


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Jordan, hello from Minneapolis.
No stop/saftey, all of the cutters from this era did not have safteys.
I have seen a few that have been retrofitted.
These cutters are usually balanced,using the counterweight at the bottom of the handle, so that the blade will not drop down until the handle has been pulled forward to about the 10:30 o-clock position.
Back in the day before OSHA they figured that anyone using these things would know how dangerous they were and be careful enough not to chop off their hand..Go figure huhh?

That highlighted part in the second photo is a pin that should run through the frame of the cutter into the bed. It shouldn’t be sticking out like that… try giving it a few gentle taps with a rubber mallet and it should seat itself properly.


Interesting, Thank’s for the information. Still don’t know what that highlighted pin is for. I did find that pin Brad was talking about it; it’s located behind the blade slide (blue circle).

The highlighted pin is just bolted on from the back (red circle).

image: IMG_8453.jpg


image: IMG_8449.jpg


The pins are what align the bed to the frame to keep it true during assembly. The bolts hold it all together. No fastener would do both jobs.
That u-bolt is not original. Maybe that was an attempt at a safety.
I’d loosen the nearby bolts slightly before trying to drive in the pin, and then I’d use a hammer, gently, not a rubber mallet; machinist work is partly by feeling response to action, and a rubber mallet removes all feeling. A pin won’t shift things into alignment if they have already been locked into position.