Heidelberg Windmill issue

I just got in another Windmill and it has a bit of an issue. The mechanism that controls the suction trip is banging on the press as it goes up and down. I have a video to better show the problem. I am not familiar as to what needs to be adjusted to keep it from making contact. Maybe one of you can give me some insight. click link to see video:


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If you lift the cam follower (the little wheel you have knocking the frame )and look at the back of it you will see the sheet stop valve it is a blunt mushroom shape and has two nuts on it you may find giving them a bit of a tweak will stop it .

Thank you Peter. I think that may be the problem now that i compared that to my other machine. Need to buy wd-40 though….those nuts aren’t budging.

Just fixed the bottom issue thanks to Peter. But, realized the top part is clanking too see this link:


not enough length of recording for me to see it right !!!
do remember that if you have nothing under the pile sensor it goes a bit mad but smoothes out when the bar is tapping the top of the pile .
As for the two nuts locking the valve you need two spanners hold top still and loosedn the lower one first ,remember they are upside down so think carefully to turn opposite direction to the norm as you look down .

Here’s a longer video of the sucker bar mechanism clanking.


That is pretty well normal but your sensor bar is a bit bent , not drastic just a pain ,needs bending down on the right a bit so that the sensor bar pads the pile of stock not the edge of the feedboard .
if youlook down near the handwheel to raise pile on feeder you will see a pointer it wants to be near to normal for most uses ,it may be the pile is set to raise maximum .
It wont hurt to compare the position of the rod that has the pawl on the end to the setting on your ok machine .
Have also just noticed the selector lever for pile height is way to far up in the air bring the top of it back toward yourself and make adjustments to the bar or the swinging adjustment on the handwheel of the pile lift (feeder) .
It is probably the height levers position that is causing you this , you will need to look at the setting at the wheel which i suspect is not set to raise enough so the top lever is fully up to compensate .
If you cant get the pile to lift sufficiently then i would look at the tip of the pawl that turns the pile raise wheel it may need building up or replacing .