Treadle Operation

Merry Christmas everyone. I recently installed a treadle on my 10x15 C&P press. I put it together based on how it looked like it should go and followed a few posts here and there. It works in the sense that when I push down the press turns however the coupling on the back part does not fully encompass the shaft that it sits on - I had it too tight at first and it scored into the shaft. I loosened it off and now it is making a squeaking noise with every rotation.
Also I received two “J” hooks with the treadle though there only seems to be room for one.

Anyone with the same model press have any experience they want to share?

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on my 8X12 new style only use one J hook

have your tried the J hook
each way

am not at the shop to check which way

but on my press it will only work facing
one way
not the other

keep the hook / crank connection
lubricated with heavy weight oil

The open end of the J faces toward the front (where you stand while treadling) of the press. I also had problems with the collars at the back of the press not going completely around the shaft. I made do until one of the bolts broke…then I got some longer bolts and that seemed to help. they still don’t go around the shaft, but they are on more squarely.

Are the two treadle hooks different lengths? NS and OS presses have somewhat different heights to the crank on the flywheel shaft.

Thanks for the feedback - I followed a few posts here and saw that it faces forward and do have it that way. Both hooks seem to be the same size when paired together, maybe just an extra? I mean it does work - its just noisy - I was thinking about putting some grease around both the shaft and the part where it clamps on.

I see that it is supposed to move freely around the shaft at the back where it bolts on - I might now have it too lose. It did not make any noise when it was tightened on but it has scored the bar quite a bit.

Lots of lubrication frequently applied is the rule. This will not correct misalignment. Seek the cause of the problem; cure it; and then lubricate frequently. If the bearing surface in the crankshaft is scored and worn, you can build a sacrificial bearing. Wind the shaft with copper wire, grease it and hang the hook. You might have to open the radius of the hook a tad. Now the copper will take the wear. Inspect it and lubricate it frequently.

I got my treadle from Hearn and it came with two hooks. When I called to ask why, the helpful fellow (Joel?) told me they include an extra in case it breaks. I wonder why that would happen, but that’s the explanation I got.

I’m a bit confused from the above. If I am in a printing position with the fly wheel to my left, the opening of the hook which revolves around the shaft should be facing me or away from? Sorry for my misunderstanding, but mine is a bit noisy as well and I attribute it to not fitting perfect and needing some Dremel work which I will take to shortly. Thanks, Neil

I would advise cleaning up the inside of the hook as much as possible before running it on the press. I have seen a Hearn treadle hook cut rather horribly into the shaft of a C&P because of the roughness of the casting. These parts are sand cast— I believe the original C&P hooks were forged.

Grind it as smooth as possible and then grease it generously with white lithium grease until the shaft and hook get to know each other. Once they’ve worn in, you can probably get away with oiling it as you do any moving part of your C&P.

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

I fitted a Hern hook to my 8x12 and it took a lot of grinding and sanding of the hook for it to fit properly. The front, outside of the hook (facing you when you treadle - so the “open” side) needed to have a 1/4” shaved off to clear the frame. I then measured the diameter of the shaft and took the hook to a local metal shop where they put the hook on a drill press fitted with a sanding wheel. They slowly increased the diameter of the wheel until it was just slightly larger than the shaft. Years later, it now runs like a champ, with no issues. I hope that helps!