need help beginner in dominican republic

hi, My name is Mia and I’m from Dominican republic I have a maker store dedicated to offer different printing services including 3d printing and laser cuts, we want to offer letter press as well. We sometimes provide in large amounts so if we want to start a letterpress I thought we should use a big machine, but since I’m not very familiar with letterpress and there is no community here I don’t know where to start. I have searched for machines and found that a heidelberg ksba will be suitable for mass production, I even found one in 1300 $us from a guy who’s business just closed and is trying to sell all its equipment quickly in FL close to the Dominican so it not hard to ship (the machine is refurbish and fully functional ), but I don’t know how to used the machine and I don’t know what it needs to work, can someone please help me. If I start with something small like an adana first what would I need and where can I learn to use it, is there any online course I can buy?

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It needs a pressman capable of operating it in order to work. You will not easily learn to operate this press, it’s complex and has a lot of things which can go wrong if not run properly. You should start with something smaller and less complex or take come classes on the subject and get your feet wet before considering a machine like the KSBA.

(I didn’t mean my comment to sound discouraging- I actually suggest you find something easier like a tabletop to start with, and graduate to better equipment that will be less of an up-front learning curve to start with. You should get familiar with the actual process of putting ink on paper before diving into a technical marvel like an automatic cylinder press.)

Hi Mia,

Take a look at this listing:
Not too far from you, right? Perhaps you could broker the deal of your dreams for shipping, and these would be worth your investment.

All you would need are the other ancillary items and some kind of base/plate combo for digital work and you could go to town.

I’m Dominican, too. I live in Atlanta, GA
I do Letterpress printing and I use a Vandercook press. I learned the process attending several workshops and then I bought my press. Contact me for more tips and information in Spanish ;)