Screws for Kelsey Press

Hey everyone,

I am looking to purchase some 1/4-20 headless slotted screws for my Kelsey 5x8 chase. I’ve found them at hardware stores and online.

However, I am wondering how long they should be. How long is too long? I am seeing smaller than 0.5”, 0.5”, 1”, 1.5”, etc.


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I think you will be happier with internal wrenching set screws requiring an Allen wrench. I recommend you select screws as long as the chase frame is wide.


What do you mean by ‘as long as the chase is wide’? Do you mean the width of the entire chase? How would anything fit inside? Sorry if that is a silly question.

I believe he is referring to the thickness of the chase or width of the “edges or walls” of the chase. Allen screws are a good way to go.

Ooooh! I understand.
I’ll definitely look out for some Allen screws. I’ll probably pick up the first thing I can find though.

I was also looking for the chase irons but every Home Depot or hardware store in NYC doesn’t like to cut anything. I’ll keep looking!


Check the merchandise at Ace Hardware. They have some metal pieces in plastic packages. They certainly are not labeled as chase irons, but you can probably find something to work. You want 5/8” or 1/2” wide and a length that will span two of your chase screws. You might need four pieces to do the job instead of just two. The steel pieces at Ace may have screw holes drilled in them. Just make sure you don’t hit the holes.
Think a bit outside of the box and you will find something that will work.

Great idea inky. Thank you! I also saw that someone used pennies, another great, thrifty idea.

Also, someone was selling chase irons for a Kelsey on ebay. I have no idea if the item is still there.

Don’t get frustrated in hunt for Kelsey chase irons. We would be happy to supply them for you.