blind embossing preprinted cards

I am trying to emboss a logo over the same logo on a preprinted 7x14.9 sheet. Getting it to line up is really hit or miss. the logo is stamped on the right side of the sheet, centered top to bottom.

my question is…is there a standard measurement/ placement of the plate within the chase to “get close.” assume that the area is 7” tall x 5” wide and the logo is 1.5” from the top & bottom and 2” left & right.

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Sorry…I am using a 10x15 windmill

This may be obvious, but are you using guides? If not, then consistent registration would be near impossible. You should also know how the sheets were pre-printed and what the gripper edge was so you can feed the sheets the same way.

Am i reading this wrong ?
you are asking if there is a quick way of positioning the die in the form so as to not be taking twenty lock ups to get the line up right ? If that is correct then take a look at part noT2450F opposite page 127 in your manual, you print your job , then with the form removed but not disturbed you fit this to the chase ,close over the inked forme, giveit a rub carefully to transfer your image to the acetate sheet ,remove device ready to overlay the die when you set the forme up .It really is meant for readying colour line ups but it dont matter what you are lining up it works .

This worked great. Thank you