How do you offer a press check to your clients?

What is the best way to offer a press check to a client? Do you include this as a part of your initial quote to the client or is this an additional service?

Thank you

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I will comment on this. In commercial printing, you offer a press check if the customer request it. There is an unwritten rule that the time taken for approval is limited to 20-30 minutes. If the customer goes over that and especially if they are having a very difficult time seeing what they expected, the printer usually says that the time from that point is chargeable. Most competent clients can see what they expect and approve it in that time or realize with the help of the pressman that something is wrong and they can not achieve what they wanted form the files, colors, plates or whatever. At that point, he job is pulled off the press. I am speaking of four color printing but it should apply to letterpress also. If you know the customer will take longer that needed, build the cost into your price. This can be especially important if you are dealing with matching PMS colors and level of deboss into the paper. Hope this helps.

That’s more or less my procedure as well. If you’re able to come “on press” at the regular scheduled press time, I don’t charge, unless a change of some sort is requested. If a client requires a press proof and is not able to come on press, I charge a flat fee that I try to base on time spent.
Press proofs do require some “expectation management” especially if the client is not very familiar with letterpress.