I’m leaving Briar Press

I want to thank everyone who wanted to help me and thanks for your support. But I think I’m going to log off. Their are a lot of mean people attacking me on here for no reason and I don’t need any more abuse in my live. If you want to “like” my page like some of you already have so we can keep in touch and support each other please do you and thanks everyone. I’ll keep posting pic on my facebook of my letterpress work in process. Good luck on here.

God bless

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Also if you guys have a company facebook if you could leave a link that would be great. i’ll keep me account open for about a week so I can like your company pages :)

You still need to proofread.



Oh man, that is heartless. Very funny though.



Like many other Web II forums, you can’t actually ever leave virtual Briar Press, your membership is still valid even if you log off.



Why do you think that membership number is so high (73,000+)?

The occasional roadside picnic-ers (who long ago left for the further destination), the folks who changed their email address and never informed Briar, the dead… all still here.

Roadside Picnic, by the way, is one great book. If you like Russian science-fiction.


I would hope its not as dry a read as the Brothers Karamazov !!

Sad to see a new business fail at the start. Google “cococotton letterpress” and you have access to comments and posts. Potential clients will not be impressed
Free advice is worth what you pay for it.

Maybe it’s time we lay off the personal attacks and get back to printing? I think the piling on is showing bad form at this point. I’d love to see these posts closed.

I actually spent some time yesterday evening looking over her Facebook site, giving her the benefit of the doubt, but sorry to say the doubt won out. There were lots of posts that seemed an attempt to show other people’s work as her own, and her web site had cookie-cutter designs with cut and paste lay-outs. A plug and play Happy Birthday, Happy Halloween, Happy Christmas and Happy Wedding card? Really? I don’t see a speck of originality anywhere.


Paul, your wisdom and experience will never be appreciated if your editorial comments are as petty and non-constructive as that one. Worst. Thread. Ever.