Picture request: Poco 0 table/inking surface assembly

Hi again guys, alongside that Victor I posted about last week, I also picked up a Poco 0. Very dirty and grimy but running smoothly. Once its restored, it’ll probably replace my Nolan on the kitchen table, haha.

Like many Pocos I have seen, the metal table assembly for brayer/ink had gotten lost at some point.

I’d love to fabricate a replacement (at least something similar), but I can’t seem to find a good, clear photo of how exactly it attaches to that bolt on the back of the press. I could always figure something out, but it would be nice to see how it was on the originals as well. :)

If any of you Poco owners whose presses still have that table could snap a couple of photos of that for me, it would be much appreciated.


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I’ll try to get a picture of mine for you, i don’t have much luck posting pictures but will try. Also i’m helping clean out an old shop and ran across a table i think the poco was mounted to, i know they had one in this shop a while ago and this table looks just like the one my poco is on, any interest, i think i can get it for you for free, only problem its in southeastern massachusetts, if you want it i can pick it up and store it for a few months if you want to pick it up. Let me know.

dickg, I’m in San Francisco, so it would be a long trip to pick up that table (as much as I would want an original table for the Poco). I appreciate the offer though, and many thanks for offering to take a photo of your table assembly.

If you have trouble with uploading photos, I can PM you with my email and then post them here (so any other interested people can have a look as well).

Many thanks,

Here’s what my scruffy one looks like (I really do need to clean that press up!~ ;-)


image: Poco 0 ink table.jpg

Poco 0 ink table.jpg

@kimaboe, thats great I’ve heard that when you start your
business say, in a garage/basement :and then you become successful then you move your operation to the living room.
Also there is a thread on making a frisket for these Pocos.
In New Mexico we say “poco y poco.”
@ Bob, my brother had a dog named scruffy!
Maybe his name should have been rusty.
best james

James, I’m a student and sadly my budget doesn’t include renting a studio/shopspace in San Francisco. I’ve currently got 7 presses of various sizes in my livingroom and kitchen, alongside a small collection of woodtype and a lot of other equipment. Half of those presses are ongoing projects for weekend downtime :)


Kim, it sounds like you are really hooked on this letterpress thing. 7 presses in you living space, thats a problem, soon you will replace your kitchen table with a stone, then a type case rack makes a good dresser, lock up a large chase with furniture for a cutting board, a short galley rack for a coffee table, small table top presses make good nut crackers, maybe a foiling unit hot plate to cook on, for reheating food you can use the ludlow pot, the possibilities are endless. Good to see i’m not the only one hoarding letterpress stuff.

Haha, my livingroom table is already a flat file.

I’m a designer and design student, most of my time is spent at a computer moving small points around and then printing them out with the push of a button. While I love graphic design, I also like getting my hands dirty and solving some physical problems as often as possible.

Keeping a restoration going, or throwing some wood type onto a press, is a perfect meditation to balance all that digital.

Here is a link to pics of my Poco “0” ink table assembly:

(I was a bit stymied by the photo-uploading process on Briar this time; sorry to make you click to an outside link, but hope the pics are helpful.)

All best,
St Brigid Press
Afton, Virginia

Thank you, Emily. Those are great! :)


Ah, just seeing one photo is enough to remind me that I’d like a Poco in my shop some day. The trick, apparently, is finding one.

Here’s an artistic rendering of a Poco, an engraving by Gaylord Schanilic of Philip Gallo’s press.


Phil set up a registration device on his and has done some remarkable work. He’ s one of the good ones.

He has a blog that folks can learn from but I suspect has become disenchanted with internet interaction (hey, who isn’t?) since the blog has been dormant for some long time now.



I definitely plan on figuring out some system for registration.

I’ll make sure to give that blog a read, Gerald.


Hi Kim,

I own a pico press and have an original cabinet. I’m not sure how to send you photos though.



image: image.jpeg