Creaking press

My C&P NS 8x12 started an unexplained creaking as the rollers move back up to the ink disk. I’ve oiled the bejesus out of it, getting every moving part I can find, with no luck. I can’t seem to isolate the location. Any thoughts, oh wise printers?

I’m on a tight deadline, but I don’t want to potentially damage my press by rushing through the next 2000 impressions.


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I would actually check whether any frame bolts need tightening also, also if the press is resting on even pads or uneven floor it should be levelled out/checked for level and re-secured. Do some parts require grease not oil?

All is level and I tightened one minorly loose bolt. It did not solve the problem.
This really just started last night near the end of a run.

Can you post a video of your press making this noise?

If you have a friend who has an automotive shop, see if you can borrow a stethoscope mechanics use to locate a sound, like a medical scope but with a long probe in place of the flat disc. You can cycle the press back and forth past the spot where the noise occurs and listen to various areas with the stethoscope to isolate the location. You can also do this with a dowel rod 1/4” to 3/8” diameter but it’s more awkward.


My C&P Craftsman 10x15 started making a similar noise, it was the bearings for the rollers that made such noise.
Check if your bearings are not worn.

The only time I ever heard what could be described as a creaking noise from a C&P was generated from the roller shafts and the springs. Try spraying them with WD-40 holding a rag under the housing to catch drips.


Examine the bed locking plate spring. It will ‘creak’ if restricted in movement owing to dirt/dust accumulation. And it could also be from wood furniture/quoins working loose in the form. Difficult to differentiate between a ‘squeak’, ‘creak’ over the ‘Net though. Of course, after lengthy feed, the sound might well be a tired operator elbow. :o)

Thanks, everybody! I will continue to check all of these things and report back. After another round of trying to isolte the creak, it seems to be coming from the left side of the press, though one piece of wood furniture had shifted in the form. I appreciate the help.