Heidelberg Cylinder S die cut press - Cutting, Scoring, and Embossing?

Hello friends,

Can Heidelberg Cylinder S die cut press - Cutting, Scoring, and Embossing at the same time? I consider this press to die cut small printed literature boxes, and I wanted it to die cut, score and also to “Emboss” (blind print) my logo on the box. Is it possible in one pass on this machine?

Thank you guys!

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I do not think it is so much about the machine as it is the die set up. All the dies I have used have been mounted on a solid piece of plywood. You would probably have to have a plate made and mounted and inset inside the die, not sure how that would work out. I think that is a pretty big press.

You can however have dies made to score and cut at the same time.

Yes you can . Mount a mag die on the dieboard, but do all the math for the male counter etc. You may need to float the dieboard where the embossing die is mounted to allow for registration adjusments and impression dimension. Not worth it for a short run even when you have a die shop beside your press.

Mike conway ,
agreed ,just as you point out as long as you have a hole in the cutting die to fit and move the embossing die around , however i prefer to leave the embossing for the platen where size permits .

I think Rocket Stan means deboss not emboss. He writes blind print, which to me means a printing die with deep impression. You can do this on your press just like Mike and Peter have said, but you will probably have some problems because normally you diecut, crease, and perforate against a metal jacket. I don’t print against my metal jacket, I use tympan paper and packing. It would be easier and faster to do it in two passes, unless you are planning on doing thousands of impressions.

Seeing as Mike is the guy that makes my dies and is my main source for said information.. I would listen to him :)

Deboss and diecut
dieboard usually .625+ .25 mag plate= .875
If diecutting with .918 - .875 = 0.043 space to cut
If using 15pt(.015”) stock I would start with a .010 counter material (even masking tape works till you find the thickness you need.
Add counter material in thin layers.
Hate to use the term but really it is just do the math.

Thank you guys for your answers and help.

If anyone is interested in selling me a Die Press, and help setup with a die and an impression plate, please contact me.