Printing plates for heidelberg t platen


Hope everyone is well!

I am awaiting the arrival of a heidelberg t platen.

I have previous letterpress Printing experience and have used photopolymer plates.

Could someone please explain to me the different kinds of printing plates that can be used on a heidelberg t platen?

I want to achieve fine lines and I will be having the plates made from digital artwork. Which plates would suit those needs?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Rebecca;

If you order your plates from boxcar and intend to use their base, the thinner plates- KF95 and 94FL- are better at reproducing finer lines. I suggest you get in touch with their customer service folks and ask your questions there rather than on BP, though. You’ll get a myriad of answers here and someone will start talking about what the plates should be mounted to and all these wonderful avenues of discussion will be nice to read through I’m sure. I never did mind an easter egg hunt.

But really I suggest you talk with your supplier and ask them what they think is best.

Do you have a base already?

Hi haven press,

Thank you for your message. I have a boxcar base but it’s quite small. I am based in Ireland and I am going to get a larger base made by a local engineer.

I spoke with briarpress a good while ago and they told me that they do not make international customers a priority.

I would like to go somewhere closer to home.

I’d just like to know what types of plates are available e.g photopolymer, magnesium and which ones are best for what.

Thank you :)

In your case you should contact,” pomeroys” as they are the european polymer trade company ,they will lead you to the dimensions that were used in the uk and therefore increasing your chances of aquiring the suitable base most likely available among the hoarded bits that are around the uk and europe . I would have to go do some measuring but our most common base material was at .850 although it was not uncommon to use lower bases and add bed plates to make up the difference .
As mentioned above talk to the manufacturer they will supply the most suitable material for your intended use then you can look to the base height which as you mentionedalready you can then have made or located this side of the atlantic.