Is my C&M Comumbia No 1 with repair have any value

I have a C&M Columbia No 1 that has a good 5 inches of heavy fill welding on the back side on what I would call the yoke. This is the piece that has the berings on the ends that holds the arms that push the platen. It is missing the tha arm to move operate it and the chase. It does have the rollers but the are shot. Does this have any value? I want to get rid of it.
Jim D

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That is a Columbia sorry

The C&M Columbians are nice presses. It is a bit problematic that it is missing the lever, but someone might be able to fabricate something that would be work. It isn’t worth a fortune, but it’d be a good project press for someone that was on a budget and had access to a machine shop.


Possible to post pictures of the press?

T & T Press Restoration

Here are a pics. All the berrings run smooth/

image: DSCN0386rt.jpg


image: DSCN0385rt.jpg


image: DSCN0384.JPG


image: DSCN0383rt.jpg


Just a comment the pictures make it look rusty but it is not.

Interesting. Foothill College has a #1. It is a nice green which I believe is the original paint. I will try to post a photo to compare.