NA Graphics?

I’ve been trying to contact them for a few weeks. Phone machine is full. Anyone have any insight into the situation there?


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I exchanged several emails with Fritz Klinke over the past week and placed an order online. I received shipping and UPS tracking almost immediately and my supplies are scheduled to arrive soon. I found NA to be extremely responsive, but I did everything via email, not by phone. Email me if you want Fritz’s email address.

I have contacted Rick directly—thanks.



btw……I didn’t mean to disparage NA, they are top shelf.

Yes, top shelf.
I spoke to Fritz once, many years ago, and realised how long I took talking to him. I’ve bought items from him since, via the internet and received nothing but tradesman-like efficiency and proper supply of the items. Well done NA Graphics.William Amer, Rockley NSW

Fritz gives away more in knowledge than he makes selling products… important resource to the community.

Fritz Klinke and his NA Graphics in Silverton, Colo. is one of America’s most important and meaningful sources for letterpress knowledge: its history, theory and practice, and for supplies. He is actually moving faster than we are because, unrealized by many of us, he is traveling a far wider circumference (so said the law partner of Lincoln on initially perceiving this when he sat down to write the great leader’s first biography).

I emailed Fritz at the beginning of the week, and alas, I haven’t had a reply. Is email not the best way to contact him? Maybe because I’m in the UK it’s more of a hassle sorting out postage?

Anyway, Fritz, if you’re out there I need those SP15 latch springs!

ptreble, give him a call during their business hours.