Grabber arm on a 10 X15 heidelberg

Hello their i am having some issues my Heidelberg 10X15 i have two machines that are both used as die cutters and the grabber arms on each are not working correctly.

Machine #1 on the the grabbers on it works great it holds onto the paper being fed and drops it into the tray but the second one seems to be having issues holding on to the paper and after the machine runs it though the paper remains in the cutting area its almost like the arm loses grip on the paper i have checked the inside of the arm and all seems well i can figure out why it is doing that

Machine #2 this machine is new to me i have never really used it until recently the set up on it is correct but one of the grabbers is grabbing the paper crooked and i have no idea why.

i think they just need to be replaced but before i order parts i would like some advice.

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Does your ‘grabber arm’ look something like this?

If so, you may not actually have a windmill, but if not, I should tell you I had a good laugh at your post title.

I believe they’re called “Gripper arms”, but it’s an easy mistake to make ;-)

Are you runing fixed grip (the sheet is held all the way through the cycle) or are you running on lays (sheet is released and dropped into the lay and picked up again to eject from the platen area )
If you are using lays and you have set the gripper release cam , the lay bar lock is engaged and your feed board is set at the point marked zero , the side stanchion is set the right distance out to the left most point for brass lays guages or right for the nickels . If none of this makes any sense then consult your manual without which you are almost wasting your own time .

Dont resort to replacement of parts till you have a minder look for you ,the gripper arms for these machines cost many many hundreds of dollars EACH .