Some mystery bits…..

Mixed lots from old shops
frequently comes with stuff I can’t ID.

The paddle like part says
it came from a 1916 pat. perforator.
Does it look familiar to anyone?

The crumber-like, handled thangs
don’t show up in the
Linotype or Intertype resources
I’ve found on-line.
Are they any kind of printing implement?

Thanks up-front
for letting me know.


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those handled things go to a rubber stamp press,

As in rubber-stamp-making, right?

Yes, I make rubber stamps and have similar things for one of my stamp presses.

Thanks, Dick!

Does the long piece have a hex rench at the end? It could be the wrench which was used to reposition the punch disks on a perforator with a piece welded on to hang it on a nearby wall.

John H.

It’s all factory. No hangers added.

Just a thought/blast from the past:- After the war (W W 2) in our little bitty village, at the *back of beyond* we would be sent on a SUNDAY afternoon for a couple of loaves of bread? the black market was still alive and well!….Hanging on the wall and flat on the work surfaces, were a whole range of tools/impliments (in large form of course) exactly as pictured in this post, including the handles for minimum heat transfer. Used specifically for the baking products to be put in and removed from the OVENS…..So the *Old Goat* with goats is probably correct…. Morning Dick…Hows it going. Mick.

Its going well Mick, just picked up a model 31 Linotype last week, hope to have it running tomorrow. This machine was owned by a man who took very good care of it, in fact it looks brand new, I can’t believe a machine from the early 1950s could look so nice. So hop in your canoe and paddle across the pond and pick up some goats milk, Dick G.

Dick, well done, but one or two sincere hopes, “A” that it will be Loved Cherished, Respected, and as importantly put to work and possibly earn its keep….”B” that the livestock,s accomodation does not get compromised?….Dick, please in simple terms for the old F**T as in jam tart, how to call up clip/video of “Uncle Sams” No. One Linotype Owner/Operator, so you say!…Your little link was only a half link.?….Tomorrow will be on duty, at our museum, and will hopefully be able to interrogate our own Linotype Whiz Kid (older actually, but not down the road quite as far as we) and be told the progression of the Model Numbers and dates….and then I can check you out, with confidence. Regards Mick….And I am partial to the odd little portion of Goats Cheese, free range of course!!!

Mick, its not the livestock that gets compromised but my print shop, when we got the dairy goats we put them where the hay gets stored, so that meant the hay got moved to the only place left, the print shop. How many printers do you know that have a desk made from hay??? As far as loving the linotype, I promised the man who gave it to me that I would sleep with it if it made him feel better. I’ve wanted a linotype for years but never had the room for one till now. If you google the Museum of Printing in North Andover, Massachusetts, and look at the slide show of the 10th annual printers fair, i’m the guy in the blue t-shirt running the linotype, its about the same machine I just got except it was one of the last machines made, I think it was made in the 1970s.

Dick, Sorry Bud, bit slow out of the staring blocks, only just picked up your latest post, Thank you… . . Are you really the guy in the 2? blue shirts? … Could be a Later Day Tony Curtis, obviously the rural living and all the free range produce works wonders, and of course the milk helps combat the side effects of the lead… . Incredable Museum, looks terrific, especially impressed with the Prints by your Mark Fowler, reminded me that I inherited a book printed 70 or more years ago with 10 original litho prints that were interleaved by hand and protected with tissue to stop print through, Birds and Plants, even by todays standards still look amazing, probably as laborious and time consuming as your Mark Fowler,s… . . Dick do you realise that you may be in possession of a Linotype, in direct succession and decendant of the ones used by the Baltimore Evening Sun, to reproduce the reports by H.L. Mencken of the John Scopes Trial in Dayton Tennessee 1925, just a thought for future publicity!!! … . Do know a little about the Lino, *A* so that I can do comparisons with the Monotype, Ottmar and Tolbert, both Amazing Men… . *B* During a prolonged Printers Strike although indentured to the firm and loosely aligned with the Print union, (of the time) was seconded to an outpost of the Newspaper arm of the firm, only as grease monkeys, floor sweepers, tea boys etc, but including supervised minor maintenance on the Linotype Machine that ran the stop press, column for the localised items evening edition. .… One such task was to clean the spacebands, and all the outside mats from the Pi Font with spirit, I know not what? … .Interest was alive then, and purely by chance, that very machine was donated to our local Museum Print Shop… . The outpost only had the one Machine, as above, but the main News arm of the firm, Had 27 and on the evenings preceeding press nights, to see and hear the mayhem was something else… . As Don Williams would say *OUTTA SIGHT*. . . .And once or twice, especially in THE Summer when 27 Lino Ops had sweat blood and spent the whole shift, getting the Paper ready to go to Press and the Rotary Broke down, (no back up then) or the Truck with Ten tons of newsprint was delayed, it was not a good place TO BE?? … . Oh and the 2 local Pubs closing at 11 P. M. Apparently had no bearing on the situation… . Lino Ops didnt drink anyway. did they? … . Dick, Thanks, and have a nice day. Mick.

Mick, the linotype I just got came from the New York Times, it was made about 1954 and it looks like new, when the paper got rid of their linos the man who took this one has cared for it since then