Windmill Serial number

Hi everyone, I did look on the sellpress site the serial numbers jump around a bit. Anyone know what year this press would be?

T130204E It has a redball


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My docs put it in mid 1960. (130004-135261)

Thank you, I bought it yesterday for $1000 from a local printer that used it for die cutting, needs some cleaning but everything else seems pretty solid.

A real press. Print, number, die cut, kiss cut, emboss. My sons named mine Darth Vader long ago. Make sure you get a hold of a manual, download from Boxcar if need be. I still have some HP vids up on youtube “937die”

Congratulations! Good price, if the machine is in running condition.

I’d only turn it over by hand once it is oiled and make certain that all the delicate bits (grippers, lay gauges, feed controls, etc.) are moving free and clear of obstruction. (Do not attempt to turn the press in reverse at all.)

As stated above, the manual, parts book and “Hints for the Pressman” are essential reference guides.