Paper Cutter Adjustment

Hi everyone, I have a 19 inch challenge paper cutter, it just started printing askew. Not square. Could anyone take a min to tell me how to adjust it?

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Not too hard to adjust, but safety first: don’t put anything under the blade but paper.

The manual is still available from Challenge, which outlines the process. Search the posts here for the link to the pdf file.

Loosen the pivot screw behind the backgauge. Very slightly loosen the adjusting nut on the side of the backgauge that is too far forward (I think I turned it less than 20 degrees last time I tweaked), then tighten the other nut.

To check, cut an inch tall stack of paper (>4” wide) against the left rail, then flip the stack over L->R and cut it again against the right rail. Test the other direction as well. Adjust until no paper is cut on the second cut.


Found it thank you

Here is the link should someone be searching again in the future.

Personally- if it’s true that your paper cutter has started “printing”, I recommend a seance of some kind to dispell the demons- whether the printing is askew or spot on.


thank you HavenPress the cutter has been exorcised and is now back to just cutting.