Adana 8x5 bed — type high?

I’m sorry if this is a silly question.
I thought that the height from the bed to the rails was supposed to be .918 “. As I locked up a forme I realized quickly that the rollers were going to be inking the whole forme and its base.
The rails seemed very low to me. So I took a piece of type and set it on the bed manually to compare the rail height, and sure enough it was too short of type high.
I also measured it with my micrometer and it reads .805” approx.
Is this normal?
The trucks seem to have a higher point where they ride on the rails, but doesn’t seem nearly high enough.
I don’t know why BP won’t let me attach photos, but I uploaded them to flickr to show the problem.

Please let me know how to deal with this!
Thanks a lot!


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Probably couldn’t post as your pics were too high a resolutuion.

hmmm… no. I’ve posted many photos before, I made sure to resize them within specs. It said something about the quota having been exceeded or something, seems like an account or server issue.

Don’t worry, this is quite normal for this press. As the platen is quite a bit larger than the type bed, the rails cannot be type high, or it wouldn’t print. To compensate, the rollers are a smaller diameter than the trucks. If you have rollers and trucks designed for the press you should have no problems.

Thanks Paul, that makes sense.
The trucks seem ok and look like the ones in the manual. But what size should my rollers be?
I measured them and they are:
Trucks: 1.242”
Rollers: 1.110”

I am sure if you contact Roy at Caslon he will only be too pleased to advise/help, he knows the specs

Adana rail height, follows first hand info, I am at this time preparing an ADANA H.S. No. 3 for sale eventually! … The H.S.3 was produced in about the mid 50,s the machine is in beautiful condition but without rollers, I bought a set of rollers from one of our Graphic Suppliers (roller Specialists) who from their own Records/Archives supplied rollers for the machine, within the time period!!! … I have now turned/machined 4 trucks to the size that gives me exactly 1/8 of an inch band on the roller guage, EXACTLY??? … .Therefore I offer the following:- Although the machine is from a long way back, it is pristine, the RAILS are exactly .850” (very close to above post) My trucks are turned to 1.450” … my rollers as supplied, are 1.20” from an analogue caliper/vernier, with the soft rubber compound in mind, plus or minus as little as .003 thousands of an inch!!! .Which via some basic maths makes the roller compound .250 less than the truck… . Virtually every Adana here is of that construction, I.E. the compound is smaller than the trucks, Because the Rails are LOWER as posted above!! … … . With any luck our Veneered friend will read these posts in their complete context and rephrase his statement that *the size of ROLLERS and TRUCKS are set in stone and HAVE TO BE IDENTICAL in every case, to work properly* … . .Dont take My word for it, look up your own Tar Heel Roller and Brayer company, out of Clemmons N.C… . . Their publicity states, Info and/or services for more than 20/25 Printing Presses from ADANA upwards, and in view of their longevity (1913) they MUST! know the score… . . I mailed a little while ago and received a very helpful/informative reply within 45 mins.

Mick, thanks a lot! You always supply important information!

Just measured my rollers/trucks:

rollers: 28.0mm. Trucks (duplex): 32.3 and 31.0mm diam.

At the moment the rollers work fine with the trucks on their largest diameter, but that is for metal type not photopolymer.

Sorry for the metric measurements, divide by 25.4 to get inches.

P.H. Thank you, metric or imperial, up to a point not too important, (obviously at the end of the day, VERY important for the height of the rollers for best inking) but when all encompassing posts are put up stating as above *set in stone etc* what chance, do the up and coming devotees stand, of sorting the wheat from the chaff!!! … . Enrique, Thank you,.I do try to put up informative posts, 95% of the time from efforts going back a long way, 5% conjecture, here-say or second hand etc, but always with a disclaimer, I.E. NOT FACTS etc… . .I genuinely did Contact *Tar Heel* when I needed a little back up, re the diameter of rollers and trucks, within a very short time they verified, in the affirmative, my question!! … . . In view of the fact, that I am a NON customer from a long way away, their reply and its context was brilliant… Top Marks T.H. Mick

Hi, The distance between the back of the bed and the rollers should be .918” but if your runners (trucks) are the wrong diameter and your rollers are the wrong diameter, you have a problem. Where did you buy your rollers and are the runners a genuine Adana part? It is not that difficult if you have the correct products and as we offer a technical back-up service for all our machines, we would be happy to discuss your situation in detail and set you up properly. Give us a call or e-mail us.