Font Identification

Could someone help me identify the font on this type?

image: Lead Foundry Type Letterpress Set - No. 03 - 02.jpg

Lead Foundry Type Letterpress Set - No. 03 - 02.jpg

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DeVinne Bold, I believe.


I’m guessing Goudy

DeVinne, designed by Gustave Schroeder, and patented in his name in 1893. It was issued originally by Central Type Foundry in St. Louis, and was the result of a correspondence between Theodore Low DeVinne, the head of the DeVinne Press in New York City, and Mr. J. A St. John of the foundry in discussion of the need for plainer display types. It was a rather heavy face, later thinned down as a book face by Frederic Goudy in 1898, his second type design. The type you show seems to be the first incarnation of this type, not the later bold issued by Barnhart Brothers and Spindler in Chicago, which was a much wider face.


Lots of upside-down characters, check the nick before you line them up for a photo. You got “p” mixed with “d”, etc.