Does anyone print photo negatives?

Hello Everyone,
I wanted to ask if anyone prints their photo negatives right from photoshop? If so, what type of printer setup do you use? We are trying to own the entire from process from creating the design, printing the negatives, and putting them into our washout machine.

RIght now it seems like most people need to go to an old school print company which is not a bad process, but it seems like they are becoming more scarce.

If you were able to print these negatives out, any help would be appreciated.

Thank you,


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I create files in InDesign or Illustrator and print my own negatives using an HP Ink jet printer and a clear film specially coated to be ink receptive. There are quite a few brands out there to be used.

If you have need of more resolution than can be obtained with a standard desktop printer, there are complete systems using larger format printers and rips to give better control over image density and resolution than I probably get with my home printer.

We use one developed by Mitsubishi for creating negatives and positives for applications at work. It seems to have great enough resolution for the type of work we use it for, but not as high a resolution as one could get from an imagesetter.

I’m not sure that Photoshop is the appropriate software to use if typeforms are involved, but certainly would work for photographic images.

I am brand new but I did this yesterday and seemed to get a pretty good plate from it. I printed on these using a canon ink jet, had the transparencies left over from making rubber stamps:

I printed out two of the same exact design and lined them up to make the negatives dark enough. Otherwise I has some light bleeding. I printed from photoshop too actually, though I understand this isn’t the preferred software. I unchecked “center image” and changed my printer settings to print high contrast and black ink only. Also made sure it was printing actual size instead of cropping for photos.

I’ve printed quite a few negatives from photoshop using a laser printer. It works pretty good, but I tend to get a lot of pinholes that need to be corrected. That might be my lousy printer, though.

I still prefer to use my own darkroom set-up for important work…. which for me is most everything. (My philosophy is that if it’s worth doing at all, one should use the best means they have available) FreeStyle Photography still carries ortho film at reasonable prices, and old view cameras are relatively inexpensive on e-bay these days.

BUT back to photoshop and printers: I also use photoshop to print positives to transfer to metal for etching my own cuts and so forth. Of all the uses for lasers and photoshop, that’s one of the easiest and best uses.